The quality present in a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind; this is the definition of beauty. With style and grace , Lavette Slater conveys this vivid quality through her skilled eye and hands when she is with each and every client. With over 15 years as a celebrity hair, makeup and beauty expert; Lavette is known to be a master at her craft. In one of the many pinnacles of Lavette’s career she was the lead hairstylist on ABC’s Daytime’s highly successful live talk show “The View” for 12 years. She was personal hairstylist to all of the co-hosts on and off of “The View and has gone on to style many other celebrity guests to top political figures; Hillary Clinton , Former Second Lady Jill Biden to our elegant Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

With her artistic and impeccable attention to detail, Lavette has the ability to effortlessly capture the essence of her clients personality and star power by creating a look that is unique to them. Lavette continuously works on her own innovative techniques and pushes the boundaries of hair and beauty. The View gave her the key essentials to create her very first hair tools and products line “Lavette Slater Hair” set to launch in 2019.

“With over 15 years in the beauty industry , I have gained the experience and access needed to build my business and brand ; from working behind the scenes on The View having my work seen on major television shows ; and giving my expert advice to magazines . My true desire and passion has and always will be to help woman feel beautiful “- Lavette Slater

Lavette is a licensed cosmetologist , many certifications in all things hair and a licensed certified makeup artist.

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The CRYSTAL STYLER TM by Lavette Slater is the very first hair tool launched from the Lavette Slater Hair Line . Founder Lavette Slater describes the Crystal Styler as a dazzling jeweled celebration and gift to women that signifies strength and beauty. The styler sparkles brilliantly with Crystal Aurora Borealis named after the iridescent shimmer of the Northern Lights. Each crystal is handcrafted onto the encasing of the iron . The plates are designed with the highest quality ceramic and crushed tourmaline. It captures the eye with its stunning embellishments and sensational glamour as it seals in moisture below the hair shaft to promote healthy inner shine for silky smooth hair. The Crystal Styler provides a lustrous bodiful finish for any hair texture as it straightens , waves and curls with ease.